Q: Does it taste like an avocado?

A: Good question! No, Avocado helps remove the taste of the cannabanoids that some patients do not enjoy.

This allows you to enjoy the flavor of the edible you have chosen instead of being overwhelmed with cannabis ruderalis taste.

Q: What milligram contents are offered, how do you know?

A: We offer a 25mg dose, 50mg dose, and a 100mg dose.

We conduct potency/ microbiological/ and pesticide testing through SC Labs in Santa Cruz.

Q: Why Avocado?

A: Avocado is the healthiest oil on the market.

This oil contains over 22 vitamins and minerals and it is alkaline in base which makes it extremely beneficial for cancer patients. Avocado oil is the only oil able to penetrate the blood brain barrier, helping benefit our brain. This oil also contains many beneficial lipids which bond to the cannabinoids and help increase the effectiveness of your medication.

Q: What is the best way to use this medicated edible safely?

A: Keep the edible sublingual "under the tongue" for a length of 10-20 minutes. Pending on the strength (mg) chosen the effect can take place in as little as 5 minutes. When the desired doseage is achieved; the wrapper is both reuseable/resealable so the edible can be repackaged and saved for later.

When your finished with the edible, the bag is good for holding up to an 1/8th of medicine.

Q: What type of product do you use in the avocado oil?

A: We use a mixture of full plant product "bud", pollen product "keif", and bubble hash in our avocado oil.

No solvent based material is used.


Although CO2 is considered "solvent-less" we have chosen not to use this material not only to keep the price point affordable to patients; but to ensure the healthiest form of medicine.



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State Regulations - We comply with all Health and Safety Regulations, maintain our state food handlers licensing and produce our edibles in a commercial kitchen.